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Electrical issues are not something that occur daily, but they can disturb your lifestyle when they do. That’s why it is always better to have a reliable electrical company on your contact list. We are a leading electric repair service texas company that offers a wide range of electric services, from electric repairs to maintenance. Whether you want to install modern lighting or fix an old light fixture, we can cater to all of your electrical needs. Our replacement quarter panel service has also received great appreciation, so you can be sure that we will provide you with the best results. We are a local company, so we understand your issues and can assure you we have seen them all. Our professionals are highly skilled and trained to handle any electrical problem.

As a leading electrician Corpus Christi locals trusts, we specialize in different electrical repairs such as switches, lighting, control panels, wiring, and more. No matter your needs and issues, you can rely on our electric repair service without a shadow of a doubt. The primary aim of our company is to help you get a robust electrical system that can last for many years to come. All of the products and materials we utilize are certified, so you can have peace of mind that you are getting safer installation and repairs. We also provide audio-visual installation along with home automation services. If you want to upgrade your outdated home at an affordable price, feel free to contact us.


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Our company strives to provide you with the maximum value and execute and deliver the work according to the National Security Code. Whether you want to repair electrical issues in your home and or need help with your new project, you can count on our home electrical repair service for the best quality work. Our electrical upgrades have received great appreciation from our customers because we also utilize certified materials to improve your home. Of course, it would help if you had a reliable electrical safety inspection locals have trusted for years to install a new electrical system. We have been in this business for decades, and our electricians are fully certified and insured. In addition, they have extensive training, which allows them to fix the problem on the first try.

Since our inception, we have worked extremely hard to become the best home electrical repair service company, and we always overdeliver to maintain that position. Some people don’t maintain their electrical systems because they think it will be expensive, but when you work with a reliable company, you get the best service at a reasonable price. Regular maintenance also prevents the risk of overload and outage, thus saving you money on unnecessary replacements. Even if you need to replace your old system with a modern one, our replacement quarter panel professionals will ensure everything goes according to your needs and budget. In addition, our company will install the best quality products that are safer and can last for many years to come.

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People put so much money into their home’s decor, but when it comes to their electrical system, they forget to even maintain it, which creates an imbalance. In addition, older electrical systems are not powerful enough to support the latest appliances with efficiency. That’s where the need for a modern electrical system arises. It doesn’t only enhance your home’s efficiency but also keeps you safe from electrical hazards such as fires. As a leading electrical contractor Corpus Christi TX natives have trusted for years, we help you maintain and install any electrical system, bringing in the energy and power a smart home needs. In addition, if you decide to remodel your home, our professionals in Texas home automation help to transform your property’s outdated electrical systems and make sure everything is up to code, so you can live your life with maximum comfort and safety.

We are a renowned electrical contractor Corpus Christi TX residents rely on; that’s why we keep improving our services to give you the best customer experience. We have helped hundreds of people improve their home’s look with custom LED lighting. If you want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, we can help you do that. It will not only make your home look better, it will also increase its value. We have experience with both exterior and interior LED lighting, which is why people continually choose us when they need a reliable electrical contractor Corpus Christi TX locals have trusted for years.

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Your home won’t be safe if you don’t have a solid and healthy electrical system. Our company provides comprehensive inspection services to ensure your electrical components are in a good state. As a top-rated emergency electrical services corpus christi natives love, we have access to all the advanced tools to provide you the best service. We thoroughly examine your electrical system and spot all of the potential issues. Once we have identified all of the problems, we make an action plan to rectify everything before they can turn into hazards. That’s why when it comes to choosing a Commercial Electrical Services residents always consider us. We also offer guarantees to back our work, which ensures your money will be safe with us.

We have years of experience including updating electrical systems during remodeling projects. If you want a reliable electrician that can help with your Corpus Christi remodeling and can cater to all of your electrical needs, look no further than our company. If you wish to install hot tub panels, motion sensors, attic fans, power generators, or anything else, we will provide you with the best service at an economical price. When we say we are the best electrician Corpus Christi locals love, we prove it with our outstanding, satisfied customers. Our mission is to provide the same service and facility that we would offer to our own family. We always do our best to achieve that goal. If you are not completely satisfied with the work we complete, we will not be finished with the job until we fully meet your expectations. 

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The primary focus of our company is to help people get reliable electrical systems that will make their lives more comfortable and convenient. Since our inception, we have fixed various electrical issues, which is why we are so confident with our services. We provide electricians that can help throughout the process of remodeling Corpus Christi homes. We can help ensure that the electrical system in your home is completely up to date. Our professionals have years of experience, so you can have peace of mind that everything will go perfectly while following all of the local codes. 

Here at Smith and Jones Electric, our professionals are certified and insured, which ensures you won’t be liable for anything if something does not go according to the plan. When you work with the best electricians that remodeling contractors Corpus Christi Texas natives trust, you get an experience that you will remember at a rate you can afford. We want to provide you with maximum value, that’s why we always keep our services active. No matter the time and situation, if you need electrical assistance, you will have someone you can turn to. All you have to do is call our team; we will ensure that you won’t have to wait for help for long. Our electricians will reach your place and rectify all issues as fast as possible

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When the world of electronics is getting smarter, why not automate your home? Smart homes are getting popular day by day as people love the convenience they offer. Our company provides smart home services, so whether you need audiovisual installation or want home automation, our company can cater to all of your needs. There are several benefits of having a smart home. Voice control is one of the best. You can control the lights, temperature in the house, your doors, and many things without leaving your bed. If you are building a custom home and want the best electricians that remodeling contractors Corpus Christi Texas locals love, we would love to serve you.

Electric parts are always at the risk of overload but you have no need to worry with our electrical panel replacement team. We will always be here for you. Our products and materials are certified, which ensures they will last for a long time. We understand the value of your property, which is why our electrical panel replacement professionals always take the necessary measures to prevent any accidents from occurring. Our professionals can help you make an informed decision. We will assess your needs and create a solid plan suitable for you in the long term. Once you hire us, your electrical needs become our responsibility.