Electrical Panel Cost

How Much Does It Cost to Replace an Electrical Panel in Corpus Christi?

Electrical panels are an essential part of your home’s electrical system. They distribute power to all of the circuit breakers in your home and play an important role in keeping your electrical system running smoothly. Over time, however, electrical panels can become outdated and may no longer be able to meet the demands of your home’s electrical system. When this happens, it’s important to replace the panel. In this article, we’ll discuss when is it time to replace your panels and how much replacing an electrical panel costs.

What Is An Electrical Panel?

Electrical panels are metal boxes full of fuses or breakers that are usually located in a home’s basement or garage. They pull electricity from your power grid and distribute it to the lights, appliances, and electronic devices in your home. Electrical panels are also called the main breaker, breaker box, or fuse box, even though most homes don’t use fuses anymore. 

You should make checking your electrical panel a regular habit, even if you don’t suspect a problem. Electrical panels need to be replaced every so often, and if you don’t check them regularly, you might not notice when they need to be replaced. 

Signs That You Need To Replace Your Electrical Panel

Electrical panels are an essential part of any home, but they are often neglected. Most people don’t think about their electrical panel until there is a problem. Electrical panel replacement is a big job, and it’s important to make sure it’s done correctly.

Here are the signs if your  electrical panel needs to be replaced:


While most panels are designed to last for decades, they can eventually start to show signs of wear and tear. If your panel is over 25 years old, it’s a good idea to have it inspected by a certified electrician. Even if it looks like it’s in good working order, homes today have more electrical needs than in years past, so an outdated panel may not be able to keep up with your home’s demands.

Burning Odor

Electrical panels can also be a fire hazard if they are not properly maintained. One way to tell if your electrical panel needs to be replaced is if you smell a burning odor coming from it. This is a sign that the panel is overloading and could cause a fire. If you notice this, the first step is to turn off and unplug all electrical equipment in your home. 

Experiencing Breakers Tripping

If your electrical panel is outdated or not configured properly, it can cause your circuit breakers to trip frequently. This can be a major inconvenience, and it can also be a sign that your panel is at risk of overheating or even causing a fire. If you’re experiencing frequent breaker trips, the best course of action is to have an electrical panel replacement.

Lacks Outlets You Need

If you find that you don’t have enough outlets, or that your electrical panel is not providing enough power, it’s time for an electrical panel replacement. Electrical panel replacement will give you more outlets and more power, so you can use all of your appliances and electronics without worry. 

Rust and Physical Damage

Over time, exposure to moisture can cause the metal components of your electrical panel to corrode, which can lead to shorts and other problems. Additionally, physical damage such as dents or cracks can also weaken the structural integrity of your electrical panel and cause issues. If you notice these things, it’s important to have it inspected by a professional to determine if replacement is necessary.

Has Fuses and Not Circuit Breakers

Another sign that you may need to replace your electrical panel is if it has fuses rather than circuit breakers. While fuses can be just as safe as circuit breakers, they are often overtaxed since you have to replace the fuse rather than just flip a switch like you can with a circuit breaker. Electrical panel cost will vary depending on the size and type of panel you need, but it is important to make sure that your panel is in good working condition to avoid any potential hazards.

Faulty Wiring

Electrical fires are one of the leading causes of house fires, and faulty electrical wiring is often to blame. If you have an older home, it’s particularly important to be on the lookout for signs of electrical problems. One way to do this is to have your electrical panel inspected by a professional. This will allow them to catch any issues before they become serious problems. Electrical panel cost varies depending on the size of your home, but it’s a relatively small price to pay for peace of mind. 

How Much Does It Cost to Change out an Electrical Panel?

Homeowners in Corpus Christi, TX who are looking to have their electrical panel changed out can expect to pay an average of $500-1,500 for the project. This range includes the cost of labor and materials. The specific price will depend on the type and size of the panel being installed, as well as any necessary permits.

With proper care, an electrical panel can last for many years, providing power to a home or business without incident. Changing out an electrical panel is a major project that should only be undertaken by a qualified professional. However, the peace of mind that comes with knowing one’s home is safe and up to code is well worth the investment.

Why Upgrading Your Electric Panel Is Worth the Cost?

Upgrading your electric panel may seem like a daunting and expensive task, but it is one of the best investments you can make for your home. A damaged electric panel can pose a serious fire hazard, and it may not be able to provide the power you need for new appliances or electrical upgrades.

It may cost a lot but the quality of the service of the best electrician in Corpus Christi is worth it. Not only will you be getting a safe and functional electric panel but also the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is safe.

Electrical Panel Replacement in Corpus Christi, TX

Smith & Jones Electric offers a variety of electrical panel replacement services to meet your needs in Corpus Christi, TX. We can replace your existing panel with a new one, or we can install a new panel in a new location. We also offer repair and maintenance services for your existing electrical panel. As a top-rated electrical contractor, we can offer solutions to any problems you may be having with your electrical system, and they can make sure that your new panel is installed correctly with all the modern tools and equipment.

If you are considering an electrical panel replacement in Corpus Christi, TX, Smith & Jones Electric is the company to call. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.