Networking, entertainment, and home automation.

  • “Smart Home” Automation- Imagine- it’s 10 at night and you’re getting into bed.  Did you remember to lock the front door?  Is the garage closed?  Did someone leave on the kitchen light?  Put all these worries to rest with home automation!  It’s 10pm, and your home triggers “Goodnight Mode.” Now your doors are locked, main lights are off, garage is closed, and the thermostat will adjust to a comfortable sleeping temperature.  A simple glance at your phone to see the status of these smart devices will put any remaining worries to rest and you can sleep like a baby!
  • Home Networking- Ensure you are actually getting the speeds you’re paying for! We can help you with whole house networking including wireless setup/optimization and network/data cabling.
  • Audio-visual Installations- Don’t forget to give us a call when you purchase that new entertainment system!  We can get it up and running so you can enjoy a theater quality experience from the comfort of your own home.